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Computer Server Specification | Info Komputer

Computer Server Specification

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Want to know the price range for building computer networks and was confused to determine a good computer specifications for your server? If your network client do not need too much, then the server specification could not be too heavy. Remember that server should always be on-line all the time, then you must choose the products thoroughly tested ketahannya, or who did have a feature like that.

Basically, all computers (PC) can be used as a network server. But because the server it functions and it works different from the client computer (workstation), we need to update the custom specification.

If do not want to elaborate, yes we buy only the server computer that is designed to meet the basic specifications of the server computer. Reserved prices, the average was rather more than a normal computer or PC.

Specification of the server computer it should like what the heck?
The most commonly used as a processor for a computer server is Xeon series from Intel. There are also wearing the SPARC based processor. Why? What is the processor i7 or i5 server cannot be used for? It could have been. Xeon series indeed only made ‘ more ‘ for the purposes of the server, such as more support for the L3 chache, ECC RAM, and core.

Storage or storage media is clearly the biggest need for a server computer. The function of the server computer itself most of all is to store the data. Therefore, most computer servers usually do not have special features to support these needs. For example the number of slots and bay for hard disk. Not only that, there are features that can be hot-swapped to the hard disk. So it could be more secure than data corrupt when problems occur.

Connectivity to a different server computer with connectivity such as we see on the pages of the latest smartphone specs in the tabloids-tabloid that.

Because the computer server that connected to the client computer, then he should have support for different types of connections. Starting from the port to the LAN that is super fast, USB ports, WiFi, Thunderbolt, and others. Indeed this could be considered optional, aka depending to the type of connection you are using. But the best network card that should be used on the server computer.

Graphics Card
Arguably, this is the lowest component needs. Because the server computer that is not used for running a high-class graphics applications. Suffice it to that standard only. Please remember, processor Xeon most don’t come with integrated graphics, a couple of his series indeed Yes, but most don’t. So if you wear a Xeon, then you should also prepare a standalone Graphics Card. Quite the 512 MB or 1 GB only. If forced to conserve funds, which is lower than that too. The origin of the later there is no software which asks for more.

Power Supply
For an economical type of server computer, typically have only one fixed power supply. If your fund is worth considering, enough to wear that feature hot-swap redundant power supply.

The quality of the power supply must be good. Do not let the power supply because of her troubled, you risk data loss, which ultimately lost customers, too. Server it works continuously.

Cooling System
The server computer is expected to be lit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year. Aka lit continuously all the time. Without a cooling system that is steady, the computer your server will only survive a short time only. Then it is highly recommended to complete your server with a good cooling system. At least the later to place a server in air-conditioned room. so if your server is in trouble, you – as an admin – still able nga-dem, hehe ….

Well, she is part of a server computer that will help you control the activity on your network. Starting from the setting of network traffic and bandwidth, organize, supervise, manage user accounts, maintain data security, and many other jobs.

For the OS, you can use the bebasis Windows like Windows Server the latest version of the Linux-based or otherwise. Consider also the special software to manage your network.

As an overview, here are the minimum specs for the server computer:
5 active users

CPU: 2 x Intel Core 2 (2.66 Ghz, 128 k cache)
The minimum database space: 10 GB
25 active users
CPU: Quad 2 GHz + CPU
The minimum database space: 10 GB
For the purposes of the web server, its specifications can be very different, but basically more or less the same.

Because the development of own network computing is evolving very fast, it’s not enough to limit you by giving his detail specifications. In the past few months alone, there would’ve been a better new hardware. But I guess, guide above represents sufficient for use as a benchmark the basic when you want to build your own computer servers. It all depends on how large your network. It will determine which will be more like what specs you need.

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